We Make Pizza Making Easy

Par Baked Pizza Crusts Par Baked Pizza Crusts

We don’t have an old world recipe. Ours is one that has been developed over the years with input from some of the best executive chefs in hotels, institutions, and other fine food service operations. Our crusts are made to give you the quality, taste, ease of use, and the adaptability to work in different kitchen environments to consistently produce a pizza you will be proud to serve. All of our crusts are hand-made for an authentic look and are available in three different styles: traditional crusts with a rolled edge, thin crusts, and flat breads.

Sizes range from a two inch up to a 16 inch with one inch increment. Flat breads are ten and 12 inch oval. We have half sheet and full sheet pan size which are great for banquets or the employee cafeteria

Dough Balls Pizza Dough Balls

Nothing beats the look, taste, or texture of a hand stretched pizza. Our delicious dough balls will consistently give you a great tasting pizza, as good as freshly made dough but without the need of equipment or labor.

Ready to Bake Pizza Ready to Bake Pizza

We take the freshest mozzarella cheese, our own blend of sauce, layer them on a fresh baked crust, and then individually wrap them to preserve freshness.  You will have a pizza as close to fresh dough but minus all the prep work. This gives you the ability to serve one, two, or hundreds of pizzas with the least amount of labor. You will have a fixed food cost in the shortest amount of time.

Sizes start at two inch up to 17 inch round. Half sheet and full sheet pan.

Pre-Sheeted Raw Dough Pre-Sheeted Raw Dough

Our dough balls are hand stretched, sheeted to a desired thickness, and frozen. We are providing you with the fastest and easiest way to make a fresh raw dough pizza in your busy kitchen, with the minimum amount of training and labor. This dough can be used for pan pizza, thin crust, New York style, flat bread, or calzones.

Sizes start at six inch up to 16 inch, along with 10 inch and 12 inch ovals for flat breads. Weights are adjustable to your desired need.

Specialty Products

Custom formulations and private labeling are available. Great for an expanding pizza operation looking for consistency between their stores, or a distributor wanting to expand their brand.

We can also produce a variety of herb, or flavored pizza dough and crusts, along with whole wheat in standard sizes or a size that fits your needs.